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How Floodlight works

1. Draw your diagram. 2. Sync your diagram to the backlog. 3. Work on the issues. 4. Update your diagram to reflect the statuses of the issues.

Why Floodlight?

Traditionally software teams have worked from lists. The problem with lists is that there is no context. How do things in the list fit together? How do you know if you are missing something from the list? With Floodlight we work from one visual representation of the product. Floodlight brings together business, product, development and project management people by providing them with one shared perspective of what needs to be built as well as what has been built so far

About Hatcheon Limited

Floodlight is a product developed by Hatcheon Limited, a company who's focus is improving software development and agile software delivery.


Checkout what some of our customers say:

Tim from Customer X

“Floodlight has helped our Product Managers and Software Engineers speak the same language by working off the same visual representation of out product design”

Joe Customer Z

“We make sure that we haven’t missed any steps in our business processes by drawing the plan in floodlight”

John Customer Y

“We use Floodlight in our sprint planning sessions to ensure that everyone in the team understands exactly how their task contributes to the big picture”

Customer A

“Floodlight has helped our project managers provide stakeholders with accurate timelines and meaningful feedback as they have been empowered with a constant, real time update of where things are”

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